Pixel loot raiders is a Fully Random Generated Roguelike Dungeon Game featuring random genenerated dungeons filled with traps, enemies and treasures. It will be available for PC , Linux , Mac, Web and probably also mobile platforms like android

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This Devlog is about the new improved Dungeons and massive performance increases in the Overworld. I also added Random Generated Doors and Random Item Spawns. Just click to see the full changelog.

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Development Update 03:

Its time for a new weekly devlog :D

- Added Many things to the Dungeon System
+ Random columns with random Height and Random Rotation (50 percent change to spawn with climbable vine)
+ Better Lava Room generation (Random Vines, Treasures,Random Height and random amount of platforms)

+ Linked the Dungeons to the Overworld
+ Removed the Fog in Dungeons (looks much better without it)
+ Random placed Treasures (Locked and Unlocked Treasures) can now be opened and drop an random amount of Items (1-4)
+ Linked Dungeon Exit to the Overworld
+ Implemented Random Item Spawning
+ Added Random Door System (Some will be able to be opened with a golden key (which also will be used to open locked chests))
+ Added Metal Door , Rusty Metal Door and climbable Door with Vines to the Door System
+ Added chests to several random rooms
+ changed generation to be much Quicker
+ Added Libary Room to the Dungeon

+ Added Bomb Item (Detonates 5 seconds after beeing placed)(Does not deal any Damage yet)
+ Items are now picked up when you walk over them
+ Added Random generated Maze Style Room
+ Removed Item Description that shows when you are near an item(Maybe i will reimplement it later)
Planned : - Examine Shelfes , Walls , other things to find items or activate secret Mechanics
- Split Dungeon into different Random Generated Levels
- In the Last Level of a Dungeon a Boss Enemy will apper wich will drop a Lengendary Item

- Massive Performance Increases:
+ Loading Time massively decreased (loading 40000 WorldPartSpawns in about 0.5 seconds)
+ Performance Increased to around 60 FPS instead of 30 FPS (In the Overworld)
+ Increased WorldPart loading distance
+ 5 times wider viewing distance (without performance costs)

+ Removed Blocks of Water and added a single Water Object
+ Implemented better WorldPart loading Distance System
+ Added a better looking sky with Clouds
+ I successfully fixed the bug that stopped tress from unloading and rescripted some of the WorldPart loading code. (which also increases Performance)

+ Item Color now gets saved
+ Added Support for Different Sword Parts

- General Additions:
Added very simple clouds to the overworld (do not look very good yet)
+ Set Players Overworld Spawn point to the place where he enters a Dungeon
+ Implemented Item information texts
+ Added Fire Particle Effect
+ Added Slime and Soul Enemy Sprites
+ Potion Color can now be seen in the Players Hand (sadly not in the Inventory)
+ Added Explosion Particle Effect
+ Added Torches
+ Added Bombs

- Last Minute Fixes:
+ Fixed Bug that prevented Trees from unloading in the Overworld
+ Fixed A bug that generated 2 islands at the same location

- Todo List of last week:
+ Make GUI System able to save sword Colors and Potion Colors(done)
+ Fix Tree unloading Bug which decreases FPS by arround 25percent (done)
+ Make Items able to be picked up (done)

- Todo List for next week:
+ Fix Bug which causes items to dissapear in the Inventory
+ Fix Bug which causes Items to swap there data
+ Fix Bug which causes Picked up Swords not to show any texture in the GUI
+ Implement Multiple floors in Dungeons
+ Implement Basic Enemys

- Todo List for next month:
+ Better Island generation and More Biomes
+ Better dungeons (i allready like them yet but i think they can be better :D)
+ Improve Textures

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