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Introducing the Monk unit!
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I've been working hard these past few days working on menus and balancing issues. Today I wanted to switch it up so I created the Monk unit! I'd love to hear some feedback on what special ability the Monk should have.

To give you an idea of what abilities other units have, Here's a list:

Warrior: N/A
Archer: Ranged attack
Rogue: 30% chance on hit to blink backwards and dodge an attack
Wizard: Splash ranged damage
Dragoon: 10% chance on attack to jump and crit an enemy dealing quadruple damage.
Knight: 30% chance on attack to knock back an enemy
Cleric: Heals the unit in front of them
Berserker: 30% chance on attack to summon lighting for area of effect damage
Necromancer: Summons a Skeleton every 2 seconds
Paladin: 30% chance on attack to heal himself and nearby allies
Ninja: Ranged attack(Shuriken), blink backwards upon death up to 3 times
Monk: ?

I'd really like to hear your ideas! The monk does not necessarily have to be the strongest unit yet. He can be a basic unit used for unique combat scenarios.

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