Pixel Dungeons is a super fun Co-op Dungeon Crawler RPG made by Yohan Games. Invite 2-4 of your friends and play multiplayer! You can find over 15 weapons and 10 monsters! (in the beta). This game will have weekly updates! This game is currently on: Beta 1.1: Linux Feature will be added as soon as possible!

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I really don't understand the high scores in this. Combat is a joke. You walk at them and rapidly click the monster. Most of the time you can't even tell if you're hitting him. There is no kind of combat animation, just a tinny thunk sound when you "hit" the creature. Sound effects are lacking, combat is the opposite of visceral, and there is hardly anything to do. You get a new weapon, big whoop. Now you click the monsters and the number that appears above their head is a bit higher. Senseless game.
I will definetely review this again in the future, hopefully you plan on adding lots of stuff. It does have some potential, I will admit, but as of right now I feel like I was gypped outta my hard earned cash I dropped on this. It's hardly a game.

This game is really bad. I assume its just work in progress and it is free, but what a waste of my time downloading


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Weapon control is preatty bad...


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There's absolutely no feedback for combat animations, just models bouncing off of each other in melee range. Couldn't stand more than a few seconds of clicking on things to have damage numbers float around with no accompanying animation.

This game is suck ***! left click is not working correctly!


awful game cant even attack


A huge bore. Not even a dolalr worth it. Combat is a joke, everything just feels lazy and I doubt there will ever be a modding community

Awesome game, have not got it yet though. Hope i do befor the sale goes away :D


pretty good but i dont know if im hiting the enemy or not

Wasn't that boring. Autoclick would be appreciated, since bosses take dozens of clicks to destroy.

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