-22 different ships to build and manage.
-Over 15 attributes per ship to adjust.
-Create fleets with up to 5 ships.
-Map with 21 ports.
-Unique nation system; change nationalities, become a pirate, your nation strength depends on you.
-Hire or fire crew, buy cannons for your ships.
-7 resources to buy, loot and trade.
-Unique prices on ports based on supply/demand.
-Realistic resource amounts relative to game world.
-Nation influenced ports. Expand your own influence in each port.
-Voodoo Curse system inspired from Magic the Gathering card system.
-Plunder other fleets/ships.
-Hostility system; Nations put bountys on you based on your history against them.
-Attack treasure fleets, deal with pirate hunters, battle against other strong players and more.
-Gossip system via the Tavern that inform you of recent port activity.
-Integrated forums.
-Romance system with governor's daughter of each port.
-Create your own alliances and cooperate against fearsome pirates.
-Treasure hunt
-User specialties/skills
-User special items
-ASCII supported profiles.
-And many more...

Play now at Piratesglory.com

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Pirates Glory on Indie DB


Pirates Glory is a persistent game world where you take up the role of a sailor in the age of gunpowder.

It has been in development since 2008 but it has only recently became really playable.
It is still in heavy development. HTML5 extensive support and some 2D graphics are being planned for the future. Right now we are focusing in providing long-term playability with new features.

You can check the game page for more details.

You can give it a try in www.piratesglory.com

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