Pilot Perils is a side-scrolling flying action-adventure game set in a steampunk world full of floating islands and exotic steam-powered machines. Take command of a steampunk flying machine and pilot through physics-based challenges on your quest to retrieve the components of your stolen invention, an invention that could save the world. Currently the game is soft launched in Australia and New Zealand

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Hello good folks!

We've been working hard this past year on our game Pilot Perils, it is now ready for (soft) launch and will be launching the game tonight exclusively in Australia and New Zealand. We hope you will be there with us and follow our launch, our game will be free for everyone to download and try.

Why a soft launch ?

2 Reasons really, 1. we really want to test our game concept in the market, if it's good we can proceed to create more content and continue our course of development. 2. we want to gather metrics on how people experience our game, where they stop, what things we may have overlooked.

Where can I get it ?

For now we have chosen to release our game only for Ipad 4 and up, you can download it from the Appstore.

I found a problem , where do I report it?

Before you rate us, be sure to send us a message online so we can be allowed to fix any mistakes, improve our game for the final release world wide.

How can I support you ?

Please rate us well and give us all of your feedback, we'd love to hear what you think, beyond that, follow us on facebook, twitter and indiedb!

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