Phoenix Universe of Space Combat or Phoenix USC is a arena based fast action space combat MMO that will support up to 100 players per server (more possible). Players battle it out in arena free space or in a bases. Typical games are capture the flag, team on team and league or wing matches. Players select a spaceship and weapons to craft a ship to meet their needs. Battling in a rich visual environment players compete in building their scores, stats, wins and kills. If you like fast action, intense and addictive fast action online space combat then Phoenix USC is the game for you.

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Oct 21 2013 Anchor


I am expanding my presence/support here on IndieDB and in so doing have decided to keep a log of whats currently happening in the development of Phoenix USC. Here I will post what is currently happening as far as development.

Richard Betson


I have added a video in ( ) the news section that shows 100 bots battling it out with me in my 'god mode' ship. It's the first time I have showed off any real space combat and I'm glad to make it to that point.

I'll be adding more ships, weapons and effects soon which should really start to make playing a lot more fun. ;)

- Rich -

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