Pesadelo is a brazilian horror game. On its beta version, in english and portuguese, it has been making great buzz from public and specialized critics in Brazil. You will experience Alex's nightmare, a young worker atormented by stories and urban legends about his next work place. Suspense is waiting for you! Run and pray to wake up!

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Wonderful Game! Good scares, great atmosphere and most of all, incredible puzzles in an story-driven horror game with so much potential to offer, built with passion, it looks like an AAA Quality Game.

Congrats Skyjaz Games for this magnific piece of art. This is one of the few games that I can absolutely say that have putted Unity into work and has explored it's potential. The graphics are okay, it can be better in the next version, but for the first game of Skyjaz, it's already enough.

The plot is another good thing of Pesadelo. The game tells the story of Alex, a disturbed man seeking to escape his nightmare between monsters and haunts. He does not know where he is and even less of how he will manage to escape that place, but the game explains it very good.

What I would change in the game is the enemies spawns. They just appears of nowhere, even it being always behind you, what is a great point to make good jump scares.

Verdict: I just gave 9/10 because I know that you guys can do better with more time of development. I can't wait to play Pesadelo: Regression, to scare the sh** outta me!

The challenging and has a very interesting history for some and for others predictable, more as a whole and it very good for Those Who play games for the story, it has good graphics, not to complain or to add about it since it developed with very limited resources, it Ensures fun, challenge and a good story.

I played only a beta version, so I can not evaluate the entire game. However, this game is really scary and you have to play a little bit under pressure (generator explode). I'm a little upset that the entire game is not in English.

El mejor juego de terror que he jugado!!! se los recomiendo mucho y que lo descarguen y tengan un buen escalofriante rato jugandolo!!! saludos creadore aqui les dejo un link copienlo en el buscador y vean el 1 video de este gran juego se los recomiendo mucho

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(This is portuguese)
Grande jogo. Um dos melhores jumpscares que eu já joguei.


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