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Penumbra is a first person horror adventure focusing on story, immersion and puzzle solving. Violence and combat is hardly an option - the player has to use wits to guide Philip through his final test, and this makes the series unique in offering a truly dangerous and terrifying experience. Penumbra is a true advancement to the adventure genre. The unique physics system allows for true environmental interaction: The player can open drawers, pull levers, pick up objects and manipulate those objects in 3D space - all using natural mouse movements, creating a highly interactive and immersive game world. Penumbra will put players on edge like never before as they explore bizarre and mysterious environments, the unknown awaiting them behind every corner. The world is detailed both in terms of graphical fidelity and narrative character - The Penumbra Series is a horrific experience that will grip players from its opening thrills to it chilling denouement.

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I haven't been this terrified since I met my in-laws.


One of the best horror games series ever made.

Great gameplay. Loved the game it just amazes me with the detail and enemies, I just can't think of a better game.


Frictional games is the King, Queen, Prince and Princess of horror developers, penumbra trilogy is one of the best horror games in existence and only game that betters this is the 2 Amnesia games (also from Frictional) A must buy for any horror fan


lvlisanthropy says

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All around great.
My only complaint was that in the first game it was too easy to kill your enemies. Once you learned you could pick up an object and hurl it at the zombie dogs repeatedly it became less of a horror and more of a high-stakes archery game.
The developers seemed to notice that and made the enemies in the games afterward harder!


One of the best scary games ever created. Thrilling, exciting, strategical, Suspensful, and frightening!


***** scary

This game is perfect in every aspect. The atmosphere is great, the tale is twisted; it is a good buy for any horror fan.


Kookii says

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What can i say. it runs on my old Intel GMA 4000 (2008!) in Kubuntu
thats the first 7/10.
the story is dark, psychic and not for little kids. its hard and there are many puzzles.
thats the next 9/10
and 7+9= 10/10! (maybe.. i need a new school)

I can't even put into words how much I love this series. I mean, really. It's incredible to me. It was interesting, and unique to me. Everything about it was just really enjoyable.

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One of the best horror games series ever made.

Sep 27 2013 by gogolino