Human civilization has advanced.

A peaceful world government was formed on Earth. The world's science and technology improved through mutual cooperation and sharing of scientific research. Faster than light communication was made possible by advances in quantum engtanglement. Shortly after, related experimentation allowed the human race to bend space-time and travel faster than light.

Space ships were created, with the goal of reaching the stars, exploring the unknown and furthering our development and enlightenment.

The future was bright.

But the future still needed pizza.

And despite the hyperspace lanes being rammed with other space faring vessels nowadays, people will still bitch and moan if their damn pizza's cold when it reaches them. Your job is to deliver pizzas, fast.

And don't crash, damn it.

Parsec Pizza Delivery is a fast-paced pixelated deliver 'em up. It's available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

It features:

  • Retro-style pixelated graphics
  • Gameplay inspired by old-school arcade machines
  • Easy, Normal, Hard and XTREME difficulty levels
  • Full game controller support
  • Statistics and achievements tracking
  • Infinite procedural pizzas and planets!

More information available on the Parsec Pizza Delivery website!

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Parsec Pizza Delivery has recently been released on the store. It's available entirely DRM free for Windows, Mac and Linux for just $2 USD. :D

Screenshot from 2017 05 09 23 58

Take a look at the page for more information about the game.

Parsec Pizza Delivery - Out Now!

Parsec Pizza Delivery - Out Now!


Parsec Pizza Delivery is out now! See the game trailer and buy now!

Parsec Pizza Delivery's Graphics & Pixel Art

Parsec Pizza Delivery's Graphics & Pixel Art


Talk about the retro pixel art graphics in Parsec Pizza Delivery.

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