Paranoia 2 Savior — first-person shooter in the style of survival horror, which is unfolding in a secret underground laboratory facility somewhere in Siberia. Events in the game will tell us about the secret developments and research (which will induce fear in some certain players, while in others will awaken interest to dig deeper and find out what is fact and what is myth) that have been fought in an underground research complex «KROT», and the accident — that was taking place over 20 years ago and its bloody trail in modern gaming universe.


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Well. Overall I enjoyed the mod. although it's quite hard if you play it with outdated hardware (2010 pc's have rough time loading the graphs and stutter as hell), my pc is from 2016 and I also have some stutter issues specially loading the maps.

I really don't know why this TC is not available vie the steam green light program, I hope they launch it there on Steam as its a quite fun enjoyable mod.

The whole graphic style was really nice, and I could say the modified gold source engine, in this game is at the level of the Cry of Fear graphics, which is the main Hl1 horror mod. The custom weapons were a delight to combat with, and the enemies were perfectly manageable, but challenging enough.

I like the work on the story, though I never expected the end came so soon immediately you reach the surface. I felt I want to know more about the story because i felt it so cut off!! So I hope developers are plan to work in paranoia 3, because the whole feeling is that I have more questions than answers into the story plot. So yeah be able to play one day in near future "Paranoia 3 apocalypse" would simply be great.

In the horror sense I think the game has a great eerie, and scary environment. And the whole feeling of those infected-hell laboratories were present all the time. The monster models are impressive, though i miss some monsters from Paranoia 1, and maybe had some surface battle.

I also liked how the bots work perfectly well and they don't break down. I felt the "boss" battle really cool, but quite easy and bland. As you can win it almost immediately by pressing a button.

The battle firefights against the zombie soldiers were really lovely, and pretty challenging at some points too, that makes you think strategically almost all of the time when you have to battle your way out from the KROT complex. This kind of machine gun enemy reminded me to the infected zombie soldier we fight in the Heart of Evil, which is also my favorite HL1 mod of all times, so it was a sweet taste to remember that in here.

Overall I am pleased with the mod, as has a perfect medium game play length, I guess I completed it all in less than 3 hours. The game fulfill its scary goals by being really scary at times and having some great fights.

I only hope the developers work on the well deserved sequel.

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Story, settings and graphics are a plus.
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Overall 8

Nice work but, improvement needed.

Mar 15 2015 by FoxFort