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Paradox Grandfather, a casual, timetravel-based Real Time Strategy game. In 195X, a war is embroiled between the Imperiarchy and Republicorp. They decide to send time traveling soldiers to 192X to prevent the war and win.

Full Version Will Include: Grandfather Faction, Campaign Mode, more Maps, more Structures, Mafia, Greasers, and Flappers, and much, much More!

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After much inactivity, Paradox Grandfather will be converted to HTML5 due to Game Maker Studio's relatively recent new ability to export to HTML5. This will make this available for mobile devices, as well. Our previous HTML5 apps were compatible in iOS, Android, Nook, and Kindle devices, and there is no reason Paradox Grandfather will not work in those.

The biggest challenge is converting the time travel engine itself, as it uses many file functions not found in HTML5. Gameplay will change to transition from the availability of the right click and keyboard, to a single touch on the screen.

We aim to release this to the Amazon App Store and Chrome Web App Store, as they readily receive HTML5 apps.

Remember, time is relative.

Paradox Grandfather Design #1

Paradox Grandfather Design #1


The design decisions behind Paradox Grandfather, Part 1.

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Paradox Grandfather Experimental Free Version

Paradox Grandfather Experimental Free Version


A free experimental version, or demo of Paradox, Grandfather.

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