Panzer vor! is a realtime strategy based on anime “Girls und panzer“. Player is able to create and customise own teams, hire crew of tankgirls, buy and modify tanks. The key feature is that tanks can be easily rearranged and moved to any point of location by building routes for them.


It’s highly recommended to complete an in-game tutorial because it shows game basics about how tanks are controlled.

Use WASD to move the camera and hit the edges of your screen by mouse to rotate the camera.

Use LMB to select tanks. You can also draw a rectangle to select multiple targets.

Use RMB to build routes.

  • LEFT SHIFT + RMB inserts point into the route
  • LEFT CTRL + RMB moves closest point
  • LEFT ALT + RMB cuts the route and puts the new point at the end

You DO NOT need to hold button to add points. Just click.


Game is going to contain only historical tanks that were used in the period of First and Second World War. These tanks can be modified by player in some ways to get more strength on the battlefield. Here is the tech tree of three nations. White are the one that you can get only by modifying previous tanks.

Screenshot (502)Screenshot (501)Screenshot (500)


Player can hire a crew for every tank. Every tankgirl has her own specialization and masters it during the battles getting higher level. Every spec has it’s own skills and abilities that are improved by xp got in battles.

Tank crew is the most important part of gameplay. Building strength of your team is not about just improving tanks. This is more about improving skills of your tankgirls.


Nationality of the crew does not depend on tank manufacturer. You can safely set girls from Japan to the Soviet tank without losing the basic experience.

The discrepancy between this parameter affects the speed of execution of operations by the crew so that some tanks can react on given comands slower. Nationality can be combined, but this has a negative effect on the parameter “crew cohesion”.

Crew cohesion

It’s a quite important thing parameter for crew and it should be kept as high as possible. Cohesion strongly influences the parameters and the speed of learning, however, it always seeks for 100%. The more battles you fought the better takngirls cooperate. This parameter may be more than 100% in the case the abilities of the tank commander are used.
Cohesion depends on: the nation, the difference of levels, and also it’s quite bad if one of the crew members more experienced than the tank commander.


The spec of recruits is set from beginning, but you can assign them to any position. In this case recruit will lose 50% of her experience. If the spec is different it is highlighted in red.

The game has the following specialties:

  • Tank Commander
  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Loader
  • Radioman

You won’t see a tank commander in recruits. Any tankgirl can become a commander and she is trained without experience loss. It is recommended to put a tank commander recruit the most experienced.

Do not confuse the tank commander and crew commander. The head of the team is also the commander of the flagship.

Crew improvement

The adaptation to tank begins from level 10. That’s why you won’t not find recruits above level 10. After this mark tankgirls will lose experience when changing tank, since their skills are no longer basic and specialized for the certain machine. The exception is the team leader.

Tankgirls can’t be higher level than the team leader. Each tank receives a certain amount of experience at the end of the battle, and then it is distributed with a small proportion of random.

Skills and abilities

All tankgirls can learn some skills that are specific to their specialty. They are studied for experience points. These points can be spent on learning any skills in the “skill tree”. Skill starts to work at the start of study and efficiency increases as new xp point are added. Skills can be put on automatic enhancement and the branch itself will add points to the skill, until you reach the end of this branch.

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Panzer Vor Launcher

Panzer Vor Launcher

Full Version 1 comment

This is the launcher for the game. It will always keep your game version up-to-date so you'll never miss new important features.

Panzer Vor! 0.8

Panzer Vor! 0.8

Full Version

Here it is! Some people has been waiting for this for quite long time. Finally I finished the update and you can download and play. Complete the tutorial...


I cannot launch the game at all. It goes to the launcher, says "violation error while installing"...

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