Pandora is a first person puzzle game set in Victorian England based around the story of Pandora's Box. Playing as Pandora, you recapture the Seven Deadly Sins and gain powers to solve puzzles. Features: - Unique hand-painted art style - Use the Seven Deadly Sins to solve puzzles - Experience the story of Pandora's Box in a new way - Puzzles too easy/hard? Adaptive difficulty puzzles take care of that for you!

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Mrokii says

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Riddled with bugs, at least on Ubuntu 64. Can't change abilities, quality-option can't be changed and is set to worst (I assume), fonts look ugly and in some cases anreadable.


exnihiloo says

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There is too much for me to say, so I will summarize:

Bad controls
Bad camera system
Bad level design
Inconsistent art
Bad script
Bad story
Bad voice acting
Bad physics implementation/physics
Bad key mapping
Bad "puzzles"

I do not wish to be outright disrespectful, but the game made absolutely no coherent sense. Really wish I did not spend $10 on this (and it's under 40 minutes in length.)


WolfWarhead says

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The game is abysmal in almost all regards.

The puzzles usually just involve spamming abilities until what you want to happen happens. This is in part because, for several puzzles, the intended solution requires a level of finesse that the game does not offer. Several puzzles don't even really need completing in full, two powers are basically useless (One of them doesn't seem to work, too) and there are regular bugs and glitches.

The graphics are mostly bland, sometimes dipping down into horrible; the transition corridors are the crowning achievement here.

The story might as well be non-existent. The ending was so abrupt I actually laughed.

Music was alright, but fortified a mood the graphics did not display.

The kicker was the final level, though. Not only did I get sent through the ceiling on all but two of my attempts (Out of about twenty), but I'd also only been playing for less than an hour. The game is criminally short and the trailer actually shows you the solution of most 'puzzles' already.

I paid a quarter for this game. It is worth no more than that. It is a physics sandbox that happens to have levels. You can play around with it for a bit until you get bored. After that, you move on to actual games.


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