The fight for survival is on! OverDose is a class, team & objective based multiplayer game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. With gameplay in the tradition of classic games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory, melded with up to date gameplay mechanics and movement, OverDose is a unique blend of online action, team play and of course, lots of gore. Using id tech 2 as a base, OverDose features updated engine features like full real time lighting and shadow mapping, physically based rendering, particle and physics simulations and more. Plus, in classic id Software tradition, our engine and game are fully moddable and scriptable, meaning even amateur mod makers can bring their own creations to life with ease. This isn't war... It's an all out apocalypse!

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I used to work with Darkradiant from The darkmod but i'm not a professional designer by a long shot. I do like the changes you guys did to radiant, btw is the 3D view capable of WYSIWYG, that means is it capable of displaying real time lighting and normal maps like darkradiant (btw was not perfectly like ingame in Darkradiant tho), or you need to compile the maps still?

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Gavavva Author

This may sound like me making excuses but believe me it’s not. Nicolas and myself sat down many times and discussed it having real time lighting and the like, and true enough I would have shown it in the video if so. The issue with that is that you need to make sure all your rendering is exactly the same over both the game and the editor otherwise you have incorrect results. It’s not actually a matter of time or skill, because if we wanted, we could easily do it. It’s just a hard thing to keep track of because it becomes essentially two different "engines" that you need to keep running identical in parallel.

Now comes the arrogant sounding part, our engine is a LOT more advanced than The Dark Mod. A LOT. (Not their fault at all, Dark Mod is a mod, we are a totally new game and engine) That means that any little inconsistencies will stand out like a sore thumb.


We like our tools. And in game, you can change the properties of every single light and sound, in real time. Meaning that you can make fine tune modifications (or totally new lights from scratch) in the actual game environment that people will play in.

So, yes you can edit the lights in real time. Yes, you will see everything. Just... Not in the editor :p

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At long last, ODRadiant is released into the wild! A fully made for OverDose, built from the ground up level editor, ODRadaint will allow users to make custom maps to their hearts content. It also makes pizza and hands out puppies*. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and start building!

*Puppies and pizza sold separately.

YouTube 1080p:

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