The fight for survival is on! OverDose is a class, team & objective based multiplayer game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. With gameplay in the tradition of classic games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory, melded with up to date gameplay mechanics and movement, OverDose is a unique blend of online action, team play and of course, lots of gore. Using id tech 2 as a base, OverDose features updated engine features like full real time lighting and shadow mapping, physically based rendering, particle and physics simulations and more. Plus, in classic id Software tradition, our engine and game are fully moddable and scriptable, meaning even amateur mod makers can bring their own creations to life with ease. This isn't war... It's an all out apocalypse!

OverDose is packed with many features. For a list of some of the things the OverDose engine is capable of, click the picture to the left.

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  • Fully dynamic, unified per-pixel lighting and shadowing model
  • Shadow mapping
  • Material system

  • GLSL vertex and fragment shaders

  • Post-processing effects

  • Widescreen support

  • In-game videos

  • 720p HD ROQ video

  • TrueType font support

  • Enhanced Quake 3 map format

  • Enhanced Quake 4 map format

  • Enhanced Doom 3 map format

  • Static models

  • MD5mesh skeletal models and MD5Anim animation files

  • Volumetric fog

  • Particle effects

  • Decals on any kind of geometry, including animated models

  • Sky portals

  • Mirror, portal, and remote camera subviews

Sound system

  • 3D sound spatialization

  • Sound shader system

  • Environmental reverberation and occlusion effects

  • Background music streaming

  • Surround sound support

  • Hardware acceleration support

Collision detection

  • Enhanced Quake 3 map format

  • Per-polygon collision detection on curved surfaces and map models

  • Per-polygon hit detection on all game models

  • Static models

  • Skeletal models


  • Based on the well-proven Quake 3 networking technology

  • Up to 64 players supported

  • LAN and Internet play

  • Voice chat support

  • Packet compression

  • Demo recording and playback support


  • Support for high definition mice with up to 8 buttons

  • Support for a wide array of game controllers with up to 8 axes, 4 POV hat switches, and 32 buttons

  • Support for the Xbox 360 controller for Windows

  • Force feedback support

File system

  • Compressed PK3 files

  • Pure server support

  • Auto-downloading support

  • Game modifications support


  • Integrated light, sound, FX, and reverb editors

  • Real time in-game editing: what you see/hear is what you get

  • User-friendly GUIs
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