Outer Heaven is a Metal Gear(MSX) remake with Unreal 4 engine, you will play all original storyline with detailed scenes, details, and places. The gameplay will be like last MGS, but i want make it too with a original perspective like old MGS. Solid Snake, a rookie member of the FOXHOUND special operations unit is sent by his superior Big Boss to the South African fortress Outer Heaven, with the goal of finding the missing squad member Gray Fox and investigating a weapon known as Metal Gear.

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Like i said last week, i going to show you a gameplay trailer, as soon as, is a early trailer andearly gameplay but hope that you like it!

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Like i said last week, i going to show you a gameplay trailer, as soon as, is a early trailer and early gameplay but i think that i can show you some of this, i used the Snake's dive suit, because i have not finished the model of Solid Snake, so don't wait to see Solid Snake's face in this trailer! :P I only show you some of gameplay and some levels.

In the other hand, i created a facebook website where i upload news! This is:

Hope you like it!! And stay tuned!







Top Down To Full Perspective! At this stage it looks and plays OKAY

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Boker Author

Sorry for that but think again, i'm only one guy, apart the musician anf vfx guys, i can't do all perfect al first, and like ibsaid, this is only a early gameplay, if you want see the perfect (day by day i do better the AI), only wait, is the only ona thing than i can say, sorry if you are sad with this now, but like i said, i'm not God, and i can't do all perfect at first.
As soon as, please say me things(Apart AI) what i can do better.

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Well don't depend on my Boker. I suggest you consult with experienced with your current engine, but in did I can suggest some features to implement in this project of arcade kind of goal. So what every one see here to be wrong, but can't put finger on it..? It basically is levels detailed more then props and it all seams to be just with no balance, but it is in early stage. Also your VFX guy must be newborn and eat all day because I see no custom effects for running in example...
Your project must be more shaped and less renamed.

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Boker Author

Try to make a game alone, models, maps, textures, animations... Later said me if was easy, i'm doing all i can, everyday, and everynight, believe me, but like i said, i'm not God, and for last, i said that is a early gameplay video and you're looking at like a final version, your comments talk like it was a final version and it isn't final version, if you want see the final version, you must wait, because for last time, i'm doing this alone!
And about the new, people want see the camera system, the gameplay mode,how was it, here is a small example for people, a early gameplay like i said, so i don't do news for "rename" the project like you say...
I work in the game in the game 12 hours or more day for day, so, don't say me what i must do.

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All that you told is right to the point and I totally understand your feelings and my commenting about your precious was just to much and I am sorry for insulting you by being blunt. Well on your shoulders such experience and hard work, I am sure will payoff. Yeah people are right gameplay mechanics and main idea of this game will truly mix together and fun factor will show how well it will turnout of these limitations.

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Awh man, this looks awesome! Even for how early in development it's in, I'm still really excited!
Now, are you making it to where we can switch views on the fly, like as an option in the menus, or even with a press of a button? Or are you going to make it where certain levels force into into one of the perspectives? And what other kind of gameplay aspects are you going to include, like sprinting/crouching/prone/stealth kills or knockouts from behind? And will the guns be like the older games where when you aim, you go into first person view?
Sorry about all the questions, I'm just so excited and want to know more lol

Oh, and do you plan on releasing a demo soon? That would be pretty cool :D

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Boker Author

Haha don't worry, i want make the camera system with a key, but for now it works changing in options.
And yeah i going to add spring and crough and another actions don't worry :)
And about first person you can see in the screens that i uploaded where i'm looking with this, if you see you can see the Solid Snake's health bar on the top. ;)

And would be, would be a demo would be interesting so stay tuned! :P

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awesome! You're doing very well with this project so far, I really hope it continues

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