This game is a simple platformer with puzzle and action elements. You play as an astronaut, forced to land in a strange alien planet. Low on fuel, now you need to find some way to get an alien power core and avenge your planet, defeating your arch enemy, Grigori. The main game mechanic is the clever use of a teleportation device, to move around the levels.

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This was a fun and challenging game. I died many times but never gave up. Only reason it's not a 10 is I wish it was a little longer.

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Excellent game, just the right ratio of puzzle and platformer with a pleasant difficulty level, allowing for a non-frustrating and thoroughly enjoyable experience. This is complimented by some wonderful visuals, all in all this can be nothing but 10/10. More of this please!

Nov 10 2012 by OmegaZeroDay