Original War is the first and the most important war in the history of mankind! A fully 3D, interesting original strategy war-game, this game introduces the player into alternative future, or rather alternative history - and lets him change it. Released in 2001, this is probably one of the most underrated and unknown strategy games ever. Original War features two campaigns with total of 39 levels, three unique nations, sixteen types of units, seventy two different technologies and much more. More to read here.

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Great game. Unique mixture of the best what RTS and RPG game has to offer. Unique characters with their own personalities, base building, constructing vehicles from parts, collecting resources sent from the future... Epic game with unique gameplay style, memorable characters and active community - what more do you need?

Original War. For me, among all strategy games, OW is the best. Amazing story, awesome characters and unique missions. Play as Americans or Russians as 2 biggest rivals in our World 2 million years ago in a pre-historic age. Playstyle is very original and specific for this game. There is no such a game like Original War in any aspect. This is why I give it so high rating. The game is also repeatable, you can always choose different tactics in missions, you can do different decisions and create a bit different END of the game.

Cool game!


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