OreSome is a 2D strategy game about ore -- exploring space for it, fighting aliens for it, blowing up planets with it. Build a network of frames and bots to defeat your enemies -- or just throw a sun at them. In a dying, decrepit universe full of foes, build up your forces and mine your way to the top of the food chain to explore further and further out into the void. By the time you're ready, you'll be powering light speed jump drives with stars, building Death Star style super weapons with black holes and in charge of the largest scale mining operation ever known to man -- all working for one of humanity's least scrupulous corporations -- and there's a lot of competition.

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Jan 14 2013 Anchor

Connect Frames – Simple pieces used to give your creations shape. We wanted to put guns on them, but the technicians said giant space debris was dangerous enough without adding any firepower. Comes in I, X, T, L and Y shaped varieties and will connect to any standard hardpoint or bot system.

This is how the Connect Frames look like ingame:

You can connect the blue dots together, or add bots to the blue dots. For now I'm going to talk about connecting frames. If you just drag in a few straight frames like so:

The frame looks strong, but if you bump into it, it will be wobbly like so:

To not make the frame wobbly and bending all over the place, you use hardpoints. These can be unlocked in the Research tab, right here:

It requires you to kill one linkam creature (it looks like the research point at the bottom of this research tree) and have a specific ammount of linkam (blue) ores (see top left off the entire research tab). When you get the research you can finally weld points together, as for alpha v0.16 and before, you need to close the Ore Tabs by pressing the button in the red square, it should make the information in the blue square invisible:

Now further with the hard points. I have right clicked all the blue dots in my construction like so:

Bumping into it now just makes this fly away like a plank:

This should stop your construction from being wobbly or bendy where you don't want it ! Hardpoints (green) work on all regular welds (blue).

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Jan 14 2013 Anchor

Thanks for doing these - ought to be a great resource for new players! :)

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