Operation Flashpoint takes place in the 1980's. Player must fight soviet forces on 3 large 100km islands as an American NATO soldier. Man vehicles such as aircraft, cars, tanks, and boats are driveable and commandable. A mission editor and other tools are also available or already built into the game itself.

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Game that I will remember for lifetime. Realistic simulator where you have to use your brain and luck, even if everything is fictional, or seems like it. It is really cool in any other way, although the vanilla game doesn't give you maximum feeling of simulator, the modifications make it dozens of times better, like new models, animations. You can go in this game from a spear to a space marine from Warhammer 40k.
And the thing that I should mention comes now : The maps are really huge, it takes lots of time to travel with a car from one town to another that is placed on the other side of the island.

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