Open-Source reimplementation of Westwood’s Command & Conquer: Red Alert game engine, updated to use the hardware acceleration of modern video cards using OpenGL and OpenAL for sound playback. It runs natively on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The game was designed with modifiability in mind, but is not identical to the original. Campaigns and mods made for the legacy game won't work out of the box.

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After three months of public playtesting we are pleased to finally declare “Mission Accomplished” on the new OpenRA release! Release 20171014 makes some fundamental changes to the way that the OpenRA game engine works, plus a few similarly important gameplay changes to the default mods.

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The first big change will be visible as soon as you go to launch your favourite mod. The in game mod chooser has been removed, and mods are now launched directly from your operating system. This is part of a much larger set of changes to the game engine to support multiple OpenRA installations and the new Mod SDK.

New launchers

The mod chooser screen has been replaced by separate launchers for each mod.

The next big change is the new command bar at the bottom of the screen. This new UI improves discoverability for several advanced unit commands and served as a focus for several gameplay changes related to unit stances and the Attack Move command – read through the in game button tooltips to find out more!

Unit command bar

A new bottom command bar is now available for issuing common orders and changing unit stances.

New civilian tech buildings

Hold Ctrl when issuing an Attack Move order to activate Assault Move.

The final group of big changes is less obvious, but just as important: the way that buildings are targeted and take damage has been reworked (taking inspiration from the original Dune 2000) to account for the size of the building footprint. This has a range of balance implications, for example Tanya and Commandos no longer need to run to the center of buildings to demolish them.

Other great new features in this release include:

  • Automatic discovery of LAN games in the Multiplayer browser.
  • Nine more campaign missions for D2K, which is now half way complete!
  • New search and filtering options in the Map editor.
  • Installing missing maps from the Replay browser.
  • Improvements to the Global Chat UI.
  • Significant performance and memory improvements relating to music playback.
  • Community-driven balance improvements to Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn.

See the full changelog for more details, or go directly to our download page to try them out for yourself.

Building hit boxes

New building physics improves the way that structures are targeted and take damage.

Map editor filtering

It is now possible to search and filter actors and tiles in the map editor.

Supporting the C&C modding community has always been an important goal for OpenRA, and this release takes a big, but disruptive, step forward in this area. Back in April we announced the planned mod chooser removal, and in July we released the first version of the OpenRA Mod SDK that replaces it. From now on, all mods should be built using the SDK, which makes it easy for you to build your own stand-alone installers that do not rely on a base OpenRA installation. See the SDK getting started wiki page for more details!

Other improvements for modders include further adoption of trait conditions, improved error checks and logging, and a collection of new and improved game logic for energy walls, tunnels, and subterranean units.

It has been a long road to this release, and we hope you enjoy it!


So sweet!

Could we get Tiberian Sun for christmas this year? It's been on my list for ever. Tibsun alpha/beta would be so sweet.

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pchote Author

I'm sorry to say that this is not likely to happen. We are critically short of experienced developer manpower now, and reviewing pull requests and dealing with bugs in the shipping mods needs to take priority. Development on TS hasn't stopped completely, but it is not progressing fast enough to be able to predict a public release date. You can track the remaining TODOs or help out at

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ok, thanks for the reply

can I support the development economically in any way? tibsun specifically or maybe generally through patreon?

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Well done, when did you change the pixels engine ?

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Can you make it possible to install it on User Account?

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Is there a nice install guide for mods for this new release?

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pchote Author

As mentioned in the news post above mods for this release must use the Mod SDK. If they create an installer you can then run them the same way as the main OpenRA games, otherwise you can use the launch-game command in the mod directory.

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Imo the best way to play old C&C games. More developers surely welcome! People who are in doubt to try OpenRA: check out some of the competitive videos on youtube (FiveAces) or watch the upcoming Tiberian Dawn 1v1 tournament.

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