One Night is a thrilling survival horror mystery which tasks players with finding a way to escape from an abandoned research facility where things have gone horribly wrong. It's up to you to unravel the secrets of 'The Complex' - a place long ago forsaken by humanity and beset by a horrible fate. As the seemingly lone survivor of this catastrophe, you'll need wits, reflexes and an itchy trigger finger to find your way to safety! One Night was named as a freeware game pick (along with its sequels) on, a subsidiary of Gamasutra, and was also selected as a featured game for Halloween 2011 on the official RPG Maker website.

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I'd say this is a pretty good game. I feel like i'm playing my Gameboy haha. You won't regret downloading it

AMAZING horror game.

It's pretty fun so far,


best game ever


Really enjoyable up until the end, where it descends into terrible decision after terrible decision.

The last save point you're allowed (unless you have a consumable that allows you to create a single savepoint anywhere) is prior to a long cutscene and then the final area and end boss. So, should you die along the way, you get the joy of sitting through that same cutscene...again. Limited save points are all well and good, but no one likes seeing the same unskippable cutscene over and over again.

The final area itself is nothing more than an exercise in frustration, and I felt I was completely at the mercy of random enemy placement. Sometimes the fates smiled and I would be able to zip through narrow areas with no monsters anywhere nearby to trouble me. Other times, the fates frowned, and I was met with five enemies all having some sort of flailing tea party in a narrow corridor the game gave me no choice but to go down.

Before this area I felt like dodging enemies was a matter of skill and a few quick reflexes--in the end area it's nothing but luck. And that's terrible.

So: great game with good puzzles up until it fell down, hit its head, and just became an exercise in total frustration.


No le tenía fé por ser del RPG Maker, pero la trama y el gameplay me gustaron demasiado, gran juego.

Mine had a glitch, but I'm giving a 9 review cuz I like it though. :/


Amazing game. Thank you.


rkdqudfud97 says

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this game is very fantastic.


It's good but from what I can tell you can't save which is kind of a turn off for me. I found it very suspensful and enjoyable while I did play it though.

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