One Late Night is a short immersive horror-game experience, starring an unnamed graphic designer employee, working late one night at the office, until strange things start to happen. The basic idea is that players who have been in similar situations, and worked with similar office jobs, will relate themselves to the game setting and scenario and become immersed. Even if you can't relate to the game storyline, you will still get a good experience. The storyline is presented with short monologues, displaying the thoughts of the player, as you need to perform certain tasks to proceed in the game to continue discover new clues about what's going on. Use your surroundings to your advantage and hide under desks and in corners to avoid being taken by the ghost which haunts the office. Remember that the light will always be your friend. Survive the night and find as many clues as you can about the threat.

DrRhubarb says

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It suffers from the same diseases of other UNITY3D Horror Games. Slow as a snail, awful clunky controls, horrible optimization.

The idea behind this has such HUGE potential, I'd hope the devs would look for a better engine when remaking this or making another game.

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One Late Night... I had my eyes on that game for a while (like 2-3 weeks) without having the balls to play it. Once I decided to do it, just once I opened the game I regreted doing that... That place the game is set in, is just creepy itself - an office with nobody in there, only you. Or that's what I thought at first... Then Robert and the Black Widow are introduced, and that made me say 'Woah'... The game consists of the two opposites - the good (Robert) and the evil (Black Widow). Both of them…

Mar 9 2013 by NightSshadeGaming