The 8-bit rage platformer of kings is here! Defeat every anger-inducing level and put your skills to the test.

Controller and keyboard support*
Original 8-Bit soundtrack**
Three difficulty levels of awesomeness!
Custom level creation
More levels and features to come!

Grab yours now!

* At least four buttons and a d-pad
** Only one song is one I did not make. You will not be unfamiliar with this one...

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OldGame Has Been Released!


OldGame's release date was cut back because I thought it would be Monday :) Now, you can play this AWESOME game today! Head on over to the downloads area and go for it! It even works GREAT on poor, older computers!

You can also take custom levels and share them on the ModDB mods section of the game's page OR set up download links in the forums. Either way, try to share your creativity with the world and the OldGame community!

You are allowed to upload and monetize gameplay videos of OldGame on any video-sharing site that allows gameplay in the form of review, Let's Play, sneak peek, etc. Because of issues resulting from its low resolution graphics, you may need to use special editing techniques OR use Bandicam's record-in-window feature to get the best quality out of it.

New features I might add to the game and community are listed below. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the forums!
- Starting cutscene?
- Jetpacks
- Reversed gravity
- Upside-down spikes
- More boss fights
- More songs
- Increased ability to use controller 90% of the time
- Mac OSX support
- More levels!!!

Enjoy the game!

UPDATE: Website now live at

OldGame is Almost Ready for Release!

OldGame is Almost Ready for Release!


Details on the game's new-completion and release. Not much else...

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OldGame 1.2

OldGame 1.2

Full Version

New level, new fade-out splash screen and changed background color for final boss

OldGame 1.1

OldGame 1.1

Full Version

The first complete release of OldGame for Windows PC

VokCell - - 16 comments

Well, I've only had time to play up to the beginning of the 2nd level, but I thought I would give you my "first impression" thoughts:

1.The intro video should be changed or removed. Using Minecraft as a "backdrop" for your intro video isn't a very good idea. It pulls away from the 8-bit feel of the game and it gives off mixed messages. (The BandiCam watermark at the top doesn't help much either.)

2.I love the minimalistic 8-bit art style the game uses. Although, I think the spikes would look better if the animation was slower. It's also hard to tell what the green enemies are suppose to be, and I think the trampolines would stand out more if their color was changed. (Not really cons here. Just suggestions.)

3.The controls are also a little wonky. An option to customize them or at least give the option to swap WASD and the Arrow Keys would be nice.

4.The movement is nice and tight, but jumping seems to be somewhat of a problem. Jumping up stairs or across a small gap shouldn't be as difficult as it is now. I think if the player could jump 1 or even 0.5 pixels higher this could be fixed. Also, the trampolines seem to propel the player upward a little too fast. I found this especially annoying in the beginning of the 2nd level.

Overall, I think this has the potential to be very solid and fun platformer.

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TheMasters403 Creator
TheMasters403 - - 1 comments

Thanks for your feedback! I am determined to make this a great game for (almost) everybody. I agree with much of the stuff you said here and I will get to them ASAP.

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