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Stepping back to the days of simple easy to play RPG games. Not like todays sometimes highly complex systems. This game will have you hooked on how simple it is to play and give you the urge to just keep playing! The choice is yours, will you be a great and noble warrior? Or a evil money grubbing mercenary. These are all choices you can make. Purchase a house, fight monsters, complete quests, kill stuff, buy stuff, kill more stuff, level up, and fighting things is as simple as pressing one button. The world of RPG is waiting for you.

Kamin says

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I don't know how the designers can look themselves in the eye when they wake up everyday, offering a 5.99 "Premium version." Just downloading it took precious memory on my laptop; even THAT is asking a lot! And you know what? I feel I am being pretty nice giving the game such a high score. This is purely on the basis that work has been put into it at all, and giving a game a score of 1 is dishonest by those standards. Nothing about it is really even remotely desirable. If the game even attempted to take itself seriously, perhaps it'd get a 5. However, even the title of the game (the designer must have been trying really, really hard) is a complete joke. And the opening game menu? Don't get me started. It looked tacky and was laughable at best. I came into it with no expectations, and yet somehow was let down in the end.

Maybe you'll like it, who knows. But honestly, I find myself questioning whoever was in charge of letting this find a home on Desura.

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Really nice game, very pomising!

Apr 4 2012 by Proph3te