OCR is an open-world indie driving game powered by Unreal Engine 3 featuring a free roam, time-trial and a race mode on a massive environment for $4.99.

komaz says

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Awesome racing game!
This game is HUGE! This game is easily one of the best values in a racing game. For only $5, you can enjoy this awesome open-world city. The free mode is reminiscent of GTA but without the violence. On top of the free mode, OCR offers a pretty realistic race mode. The graphics aren't so great, but the huge open world makes it well worth it. Try this game, and you won't regret it!

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This is an awesome achievement for a small team! Cars feel great and races are quite fun. Race mode is quite short (finished in two sessions) and free roam is pointless, but for $4.99 I'd say it's pretty good.

May 19 2013 by psychicparrot