Obsidium is a Hack n Slash game similar to Diablo series with elements of mining, building, and base expansion. There are two kingdoms in the game Gold and Silver for players to choose from along with 5 classes. Knight, Mage, Rogue, Assassin, Engineer. Each class has their own specific roles in game and weaknesses. Knights are the tanks and primarily used as front-line shock troops. Mages act as healers and general support class as they wield various powers. Rogues are the DPS range class which can deal devastating damage in a short amount of time. Assassin's are the trap layers and stealth killing class used primarily as infiltrators. Engineers build all siege equipment, tower defenses, bridges, etc that will help the team dominate over the map. The game can be won a few ways : Teams tickets are reduced to 0, Base is destroyed by opposing force, and finally if the base is successfully captured by opposing force. There will be 5 maps to start with but in the alpha only one is function

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