Oberons court is a tile-based strategy game, wich is now in the pre-production phase. The core gameplay mechanic is to take an easy to control RTS where you need to occupy hexagonal tiles, but combine this with modern AI pathfinding and gameplay elements like supply lines and alchemy. You will create units and variations by mixing resources found in the tiles. This way every army can be unique and every game is different. 8

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There's 4 resources, blood, bone, steel and essence standing for (health, defense,attack and stamina)

You have a central resource pool (top right corner) showing your current savings (fully topped up in the grab)

You use different amounts to summon units from your collection, (the breaking crystal sphere). You can summon 3 units per squad, with each squad having a seperate select button (righthand of the screen).

The unit limit might rise in the final game, but aiming at Ipad2 as well, so it'll be balanced on perfomance (game is running 60+ fps on nexus 7 (2013))

If you select a squad or tap on a unit, you get a stats overview and the special ability button. I'm activating the sacrifice ability on the tiny spiders(explode).

all actions except movement cost stamina, very low stamina will affect combat perfomance.

Combat is proximity based, so units will defend and auto-engage when enemies are close enough.. Combat is also joust based, so 2 go in, one comes out. With a confidence indicator (the evil eye , icon). tapping the eye will make your unit flee.(if tapped on time).

throughout you will find reliqueries, either owned or un-owned. gaining control of them allows you to tap the relevant resources (stamina and health being most common). You can decide to use said resources to buff your units, or store them in your pool for more summoning..

The game story is about controlling other wraiths/shadows. So basically finding the graves of fallen knights and such (see at the end of the video). With the campaign being build up so each map offers a new type of enemie, with the end goal to find their graves and bind them to your army. (which is unlike the video, where you have friendly and enemy prattlers)..

there's about 6-7 unit types in the first campaign. Each with its own special ability which needs to be earned. (so first-strike, beserk, sacrifice, fear,taunt, etc etc)

I've just added the first enviromental hazard (the giant sand-worm, called a cleaner) w

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