NuVera Online is a Social Virtual World created by two dedicated and friendly people. We are always working on new features for NuVera Online to continue making the virtual world fun and exciting. By giving us feedback you can help make NuVera Online the best it can be. We do listen to our users because we realize that at the end of the day NuVera Online isn't what we make of it... it's what you make of it.

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Having been a member since 2008, I can honestly say that this is the best VW I have been a member of. I am proud to have watched it grow from a start up idea into what it is today. Yes, there really is only 2 people making this beautiful world happen, and yes, they not only listen to their members, but they take the time to interact with us as well! In the forums, AND in the client itself!

There are constant updates to bring more features and fun to the experience! Everyone I have met is friendly, mature and helpful.

As posted already, not only is there the ability to have your own public and private spaces, but you can venture out into NuveraOnlines public places as well! It doesn't cost a cent to visit any public place, (unless of course, if a person chooses to set a fee for their own public place) nor to have your own private space. If you do decide to upgrade to Denizen membership, the price is so low compared to other places. I had to give up one bag of chips (family size! lol) just for one entire month of Denizen. So, think about you pay $5.00 for just in one day, and that's the small price for one MONTH of membership! NuveraOnlines paid or non paid membership does not compare to anyone elses IMO.

I think any member gets a whole lot, even for free! Of course, this is a business, so they do have to make an income, but what little they charge for us to choose to have is very small. There is also a ton of information that they provide. The knowledge Base, the forums, Tutorial Island and even the people you meet in client. Take the time to visit these and see for yourself how good and easy it really is! Even creating is easy!

New and exciting things are always coming along! I love being a part of that! You can too! Tim and Wyllo always listen to their members and do consider taking our ideas and making them a part of Nuvera. Something you don't get much of anywhere else. I feel like I am actually a part of something and not just a number. We all matter!

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I have been a Member at Nuvera since 2009 when the virtual world was in beta testing. It's been a joy to watch this world develop and see the community grow. The website is not only lovely, but very easy to navigate. There are community forums where, if you cannot find an answer to a question in the knowledge base or from another member in world, you can ask and actually get very speedy answers. In world graphics are outstanding and there are so many areas, both user created the NuVo grand world…

Aug 3 2012 by NuVoOpal