NuVera Online is a Social Virtual World created by two dedicated and friendly people. We are always working on new features for NuVera Online to continue making the virtual world fun and exciting. By giving us feedback you can help make NuVera Online the best it can be. We do listen to our users because we realize that at the end of the day NuVera Online isn't what we make of it... it's what you make of it.

MrDavidAmnesia94 says

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I would give this game a 10/10 if it weren't for the New member restrictions. But this game is so easy to play and so fun to be a part of. I absolutely enjoyed the game play, the detail of the environment and the simplicity of it interface, unlike other games like Second Life and IMVU. Whenever I play Second Life, I feel overwhelmed with all of the advanced tools and advanced developer systems that makes it completely unplayable for me. But I when I played NuVera, I felt instantly cozy in the game. It was like the advanced options were there, but easier to use and understand. I also had the chance to talk to the only programmer that started the project and an administrator who filled me in on the intention of game. They wanted to make a game like second life, but simpler and by hand. After 5 long years of development and work, it all pays off soon with high expectations and plans to make the game reach high heights and taking it's ambitious work in a friendly community. NuVera is a game that marks the point to the community of gamers to be a part of a great project.

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I have been a Member at Nuvera since 2009 when the virtual world was in beta testing. It's been a joy to watch this world develop and see the community grow. The website is not only lovely, but very easy to navigate. There are community forums where, if you cannot find an answer to a question in the knowledge base or from another member in world, you can ask and actually get very speedy answers. In world graphics are outstanding and there are so many areas, both user created the NuVo grand world…

Aug 3 2012 by NuVoOpal