Game Features
※ Faction Selection
Unity makes strength. New Republic, Central Empire and Global Union, which one will you join?
※ Base Development
Resource matters in a dead world. Build your base, collect resources and conquer the world.
※ City Occupation
A soldier who doesn't want to be a general is a bad one. Capture enemy cities and plunder their resources!
※ Unit Cultivation
Only the strong survive! Enhance basic units and recruit special units to raise a formidable army.
※ Super Heroes
Recruit heroes with special abilities and test your strength on battlefields.
※ Mecha Era
Everyone has a mecha dream. Craft powerful mecha and build your own empire.

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The latest MMO strategy mobile game, Nova Frontier, launches its closed beta on Google Play starting from Jan. 8th, 2019.

Nova Frontier trailer:

Nova Frontier closed beta on Google


In a post-apocalyptic world awaiting a new order and a new hope, Commanders will need to build their own unstoppable mecha army to survive, conquer, and rule what's left of the planet.
Unity makes strength, and you are not alone. New Republic, Central Empire, and Global Union, which faction will you join? Fight alongside your allies and crush anyone that dares to challenge you.

Recruit overpowered super soldiers to lead your troops to victory. Their unique and incredible abilities are indispensable and can turn the tides of war on a futuristic battlefield.


Ever dreamed of commanding your own colossal mechanical machination? Of course you have! Who hasn't! Now it is time to make it come true. Craft powerful mecha to crush your enemies with fists of iron and will of steel.


Only the strong survive! Establish an impenetrable base, build a formidable cutting-edge army, and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Resources matter in a new-born world. You are either the predator or the prey.



P. S. During the closed beta, Commanders will be rewarded for providing feedback and submitting in-game bugs on Nova Frontier official Facebook fan page. Please stay tuned for more information as to the game’s official launch.


Bug Hunting Event:
Official Fanpage:

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