"You are noob" they said. "You will never win" they said. There's a kart racing competition named " Nitro Racer XD ". You are allowed to use any weapons. There are two types of kart; Compact and Regular. Compact kart has better handling meanwhile Regular kart has better speed. There's more than 10 unlockable characters, and 60+ races. Races in 6 different themes (Western, Ice, Spooky, Forest, Apartment, and Internet). With Nitro XD Engine, that can run about 80kmh, can you defeat all 6 tracklords ? FEATURES - 30+ tracks with at least 3 kilometers length. - 20+ Playable Characters with different power ups. - 7 Different Themes with 6 bonus themes. - Physics based kart. - 8 Stages of Difficulty on Arcade Mode - Upgradeable engine in career mode. - Tweakable tires - 7 Different Modes You can try the demo version too. Demo version only have 10 playable tracks, 8 playable characters, and NO UPDATES

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Its fun !

As soon as I started the game, I felt YUCK!!! A menu in what you have to DRIVE AROUND!!!!!!!!!!! Being ****** of by this for this game, I still started a game. The game itself was OK,just like the graphics. If the menu is a 'normal' menu, maybe the game would be worth a 5 or 6. Please note I used the demo version.

This is a bag of fun! It's not NFS or some big budget racer, but it doesn't pretend to be, either .. it's fun. Strange, bizarre, quirky FUN. I say if you like racing games you should buy it.

If I were to suggest any changes, I would say that it's a little too hard and at the very least the first few races should be easier.

The developer has talent and this is just the first step on the road to them showing the kinds of awesome they can do. I like it a lot and I'm having fun playing it.

This game is better than many games published here on Desura, it just needs tweaking.

This game has a good future, it is similar to Diddy Kong Racing N64 and also the Mario Kart, the game is very light, I downloaded the DEMO only 80 megs, worked peacefully at 1.6GHz on two cores of my processor (Phenom II 1090T underclocked and undervolted, 4 cores at 3GHz and 2 cores at 1.6GHz) has little bugs, but nothing else.

I gave 8, by the team effort and being on the right track, if the game does not have some bugs and wheels cars with few vertices, I would give 9 or 10.

The game isn't very good for a 2.99 USD price. I'd rather pay for other games at same price that is worth it.

I tried the demo and honestly, I didn't enjoy it. Physics glitch, graphical issues, and controls bugs are most imminent.

After trying different cars on different tracks, I find it rather frustrating than fun.

Also, the graphics aren't worth it for 2.99 USD. There are other cheaper games available that have better graphics than this one. The game is also resource-hungry for a not-so-graphics-wise game.

I've also noticed parts of the game that have images copyrighted by others. Also, memes, which are really not for sale.

This game should not be sold. It's not worth a penny, not even worth downloading. The gameplay experience was memorable, but not in a good way.


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