Have you ever wanted to make choices that matter and you like cyberpunk?


The glorious Quality-Network has just accepted your application for becoming the next quality-A.I.

First, we will have to test your decision-making skills to make sure that you don`t fuck this up.

Hence you will have 12 days to prove yourself in the least important sector of our Quality-Network:

The mental health of our humans.

In the MindReset program, you will decide which humans get to keep their memories and which will lose them.

If you fail to improve our society, I will be forced to delete you.

Now go out there and make the Quality-Network productive again!




Perfection lies in selection:

Every day you will choose 3 out of 5 unique characters to interview for that day. Characters rejected at that stage might come back later.

Get to know them:

You have 3 questions to dive deep into the characters' personalities (or just make jokes). We know you hate if every question gets the same answer. Therefore you will have more than 420+ unique dialog options with unique answers to choose from.

Get to NO them:

After you got to know the characters on a personal level you now have to decide who will hear a no and whose memory you will delete. Of course, you can also decide to fulfill no one's wish.

It was nice to know you:

Say goodbye to the lucky human.

What have you done?!

Access the database to find out what impact your decision had on the individual and society.


Patch 0.01 (8th October 2020)

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Nice to NO you - Patch 1.1

Mindreset Floor

(The new mindreset floor)

Nice to NO you by Quarantime Games got released exactly one year ago today!

Just in time, they've released the 1.1 patch including Quality of Life changes, german translations, the first linux build and price adjustments!


20211001192244 1

(Showing the German Translation for a character)


  • German Translation
  • Skipable Intro (If a save game already exists)
  • Added Wilhelm Scream when the Red Button is pressed
  • The Answer from the Characters will now be written sequentially
  • Game Options when pressing "Play" in the Main Menu


  • Changed the Background in the Cutscene to match the other hallway
  • Added light flickering in the Cutscene when the lightnings start
  • M.A.I Dialogs are now fixed
  • Days won't be skipped anymore when going back to the Main Menu
  • Changed Fast-Forward animation
  • Reddit Button Texture
  • Changed the Goodbye Button in the second Character Selection Room
  • Splashscreen can now be skipped when pressing space

Store Changes:

  • This is the first update which contains a linux build
  • Price dropped from 7.99$ to 4.99$ (6.59€ to 3.99€)
  • Added minimal requirements for Steam OS & Linux

So this is the 1 year Anniversary update of Nice to NO you, BUT this isn't everything that has happened in 1 year! The developers are working hard on the next update which will be a bit bigger.

Preview for the next BIG Update

  • Steam Workshop Support

    • Tools to create your own characters
    • You will be able to upload and share your characters via the steam workshop
    • Settings to enable/disable custom characters for your new game session
  • A playable demo

    • Free to download via the Steam Store
    • Containing just a few hand-selected characters
    • You will get to play one in-game day and test the game

Of course the developers hope, that this update won't take another year. But the good news are: Many systems are already working and they are quite in the finishing phase. You will need just a little more patience!



Nice to NO you

Nice to NO you


Delete the memories of humans in "Nice to NO you" - a dystopian dialogue game where you decide the fate of individuals and the world.


Looks very cool

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Latest tweets from @quarantimeg

Well it was a quite quiet year from us... We wish you a happy new Year. Maybe we will tweet atleast once this year about Nice to NO you.

Dec 31 2021

RT @TheLuigiplayer: "Nice to NO you", by @QuarantimeG, is on a 50% winter sale until the 5th of January at @Steam!…

Dec 25 2021

RT @TheLuigiplayer: "Nice to NO you" by @QuarantimeG is on a 30% sale until the 1st of December at @Steam!

Nov 29 2021

RT @TheLuigiplayer: "Nice to NO you" by @QuarantimeG is still on a 30% sale for 40h left on @Steam.

Oct 31 2021

RT @TheLuigiplayer: "Nice to NO you" by @QuarantimeG just received the 1 year anniversary update. Including QoL changes, german transla…

Oct 1 2021

Patch 1.1 is out! Changelogs:

Oct 1 2021

Happy new Year Guys. We hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us.

Dec 31 2020

Nice to NO you still has a 25% discount running for around 3 Hours. Till 7PM CEST or 10AM PDT.

Oct 8 2020

Patch 1.01 is out! Changelogs: or

Oct 7 2020

RT @TheLuigiplayer: Join the Quality-Network today: Follow @realKG20 & @QuarantimeG to receive the latest updat…

Oct 1 2020