Join a single-server, fully-built and player-driven persistent universe. Start at the bottom of evolution and go through the different ages until you reach the knowledge necessary to explore space! Create your kingdom, build walls, manage your army and evolve into the modern age. Take control of different civilian and military vehicles through cars, tanks, planes, helicopters, other space vehicles through fighters, destroyer, cruiser etc ... Explore space and new randomly generated planets through a StarGate or with your Ship. Beware of your actions on dynamic climate and watch out for weather and its various, these could backfire on you. Take care of the pollution of your world, will you leave a sterile world behind you? Choose ecology to avoid a global drama or change planet every time you destroy one. Design your own ships with a Ship Editor and customize your armies, vehicles and your character! Unlock over 100 scientific researches and become the most powerful empire !

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Hello Players!

How are you Today ?

First, I announce you that for 1 Week the game will be 100% FREE to CLAIM!

Now, the next.

Added Villager Systems

You ca now have Villagers who Spawn in your planets. He can explore but Always follow Roads Sidewalks.

Warning, if a Villager die, you lose a Citizen in your Stats. You can have severals Models that appear, and the Age type depend of your Roads era type.

New Road System

Now, all road will be dynamic and adaptative. Also, some decorative effects can appear on Roads.

The new system is more friendly, and can sure produce Pretty Cities!

Added Inventory / Craft / Harvest System

You can now access your Inventory with (by default) the 'I' Key. You can stock max 32 Items, and can Craft some Tools and Weapons.

You can also Harvest ressources with Tools, like Wood and Stone !

Units Orders

Hey Captain! Now, Order to your Units to Guard the position, Defend a Zone or Patrol near the Stargate!

Also, you can now select multiple units with LeftShift+Left Click, and move to Multiple Passage Points with LeftShift + Right Click !

We have also fixed some bugs and improved features.

Vehicle LAG

Now, I can surely said that NO LAG CAN APPEAR when controlling a Vehicle. It is now controlled Client-Side to avoid Network desync.

Visuel Effects

I have added Visual effect on some situation, like when Building your currently selected building is now Green Transparent. An Under Construction building is now Blue Transparant.

Also, when Hovering an Entity, the color change with your Relation with it!

I have also make some Fixes and big Improvement to the game, you can read the Full Changelog Above if you like to know allç!

Thanks to Everyone for Reading me and Playing,!

Have a good day, thanks!



Full Changelog

+ New Planet generation to be more flat for Road system

+ Added Villager System ! Now villager can spawn on your planet, move on roads, and if he die, you really lose a Citizen (Model depend of your current Era)

+ Added New Dynamic Road System adaptive and attaching with other near it, with Sidewalk

+ Added Food system to all Farms buildings permit player to eat

+ Added Inventory / Crafting System!

+ Added new Tools and Weapons items

+ Added can Harvest Wood and Rock with Tools that can be crafted

+ Added can press LeftShift to select some units, or move units to multiple passage point

+ Added Order System permit to order Nothing, Defensive, Guard or Patrol

+ Added decorative objects near Roads

+ Added Visual Effect on placement, on construction, and for enemies on objects

+ Added Medieval Wood Wall

+ Added decoration Rock brown in habitable to horizon for Volcanic planet (Volcano, lava, smok and Fire effect)

+ Added TAB key to switch Input on login

+ Added Sidewalk around some buildings

+ Added Info message when mood cause Malus

+ Added new Decoration on planets environment

+ Added new Animals variant models (color)

+ Added declaring war to an empire now auto declare war on the other side

+ Added now Alliens only spawn during Night (and added more alliens)

+ Added Ship parts cost Research Point

+ Added some Popup when learned some Technology

* Renamed Future Farm to Space Farm

* Reworked Research UI / Ressources UI / Stats UI

* Renamed "Space Age" to "Future Age"

* Set default time to Morning on planet generation

* Reworked logic Public/Enemy/Hover/Selected colors

* Reworked some Game UI and Main Menu

* Changed Stone Road texture

* Changed all Meteo Bonus/Malus from 10% to 20%

* Reduced range of Teleporter ship

* Improved performances when Checking collision on placing buildings

* Improved Vehicle System, no more LAG!

* Improved units attack distance mechanic

* Improved UnderMap check on units/players

* Improved all Roads

* Improved placement code performance

* Improved Ressources Updater to Cache datas and speed up the Process

* Improved Road placement

* Improved environment generation performances

* Improved some Ship Parts deco

* Improved saving entities performances

* Improved units movement and detection

* Improved and optimized relation system to be synced client-side

* Global Network Improvement

* Now Ens objects get a random rotation on spawn

* Small units network improvement

* Fixed helicopter queue rotate in wrong direction

* Fixed Units UI error when destroyed units

* Fixes on AI Relations and Optimizations

* Fixed units don"t attack neutrals

* Fixed server not fit terrain on his side causing somme entities flying client-side

* Fixed some Percents bug on UI

* Fixed Units selection box appear some time on click

* Fixed some Ship Parts colliders

* Fixed all buildings Pivot Point not centered

* Fixed max health / hunger not set before current health / hunger causing clamped to 100

* Fixed Meteo Events not synced

* Fixed MedievalWall Grid size

* Fixed can modernize a building without the required research

* Fixed can activate my Stargate to another when I have an external opening

* Fixed captain chair camera cause bug in ship editor

* Fixed captain Chair show hes UI on Ship Editor

* Fixed Library has no collider

* Fixed Drone collider

* Fixed Env spawn on Entities

- Removed Old 2D Ground Remover script from Player causing error on start

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