Nemesis is among the most successful board games of recent years, currently ranked 17th in the BGG All-time rank with over 20k ratings. It was created as a tribute to classic sci-fi horror movies. Main goal was to create a great horror experience that will write a unique cinematic story with every game. Such a story that you will want to discuss with your friends for some time after the game!

Now, Nemesis Lockdown is going digital! This is a board game recreated in the digital world and since the game is very special to us we wanted the experience to be stellar. This game is targeted at both: Fans of Nemesis, who now will be able to play with their friends online, and new players who may not be too familiar with board games but still want a great sci-fi adventure!


- Well tested gameplay

Nemesis Board Game was in a very long development, literally thousands of blind test plays until we got a formula that works. Now – after hundreds of thousands of players around the world played and enjoyed the game – core gameplay of Nemesis Lockdown is very well tested and proven to provide not only great fun (especially when you die), but also breathtaking cinematic moments.

- Cinematic, turn-based horror sci-fi experience

In Nemesis you do not hunt aliens, this is not a shooter. Weapons are mostly used for defense. Instead, you try to do everything you can to complete your objective and run from the base as far as you can. The presence of other life forms can make this a bit tough.

- Secret goals and hidden traitors

One of the key mechanics in Nemesis is hidden objectives. Trust no-one, as some of the players you play with might want to kill you or have drastically different ideas about what to do with the current situation. But you NEED to cooperate to survive, so there is a fine line you need to keep with every decision.

- Beautiful fully 3D environment

We have invested a lot into making sure the game will look right in this new medium. You can expect great graphics, animations, and models to help immerse yourself in the world of Nemesis.

- Solo and multiplayer modes

You can play the game by yourself or enjoy it with your friends. Thanks to high replayability you will be able to play the game for dozens of hours and every game will be different.

- Refined UX and calculations

We have added a lot of extra work to create a seamless User Experience flow, that would decrease down-time and make all the calculations in the background while showing players all the important information as clearly as possible.

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header lockdown

Hey everyone!

We're EXTREMELY excited to invite you all to Early Access of Nemesis Lockdown. We've worked really hard to create a a unique game with great atmosphere and immersion thanks to visuals and sound!

With this digital adaptation of the board game we aimed at making the game more accessible thanks to a new medium, while keeping all the fun that you can get from multiplayer interactions.

For Early Access launch we've prepared a special trailer – check it out below!

On top of that, we've also prepared a special 25% discount for buying the game in the first week of Early Access.

Game steam page: Nemesis Lockdown

Ok! So, the game is in Early Access -meaning it is not 100% complete, what is missing?

- We do not have full in-game tutorial (we have video tutorials instead)
- There might be some small bugs here and there
- We will be polishing up UX and rules presentation
- We will be adding more modes of plays
- Implementing feedback from your tests
- Getting better balance

If the game launch will go good enough, we'll also think about adding some more content to the game :)

zrzut 0019 Zrzut ekranu 34

We try to take Early Access as a place to interact with community and we are deeply committed to that process. This means that, we'll be reading your feedback very carefully and working hard on making the game better based on that! You can except regular patches, that will upgrade the gameplay experience as well as bring some extra content.

If you will enjoy the game, be sure to leave a review on Steam. We would love to see what are your opinions about the game :)

Don't forget to join our discord where you can talk with our community, find people to play the game together and also talk with the devs.

Until next time!

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