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A pixelated real time strategy game depicting the empires and kingdoms of the napoleonic wars. Command will be at the officer level in game, wherein the player will be able to give specific orders to troops - and will require active participation. The player is truly the officer, and will be ordering their troops to make ready, take aim, fire, position and reload - all of which need to be followed in a strict order to maintain superiority on the field. This game is in very early development. Some of the features are in though, and you are able to order your troops through all of the positions, including firing. Lots needs to be done, but I thought this would be a great forum to discuss what the community thinks as well as showcase the games development (and keep me on track. :) )

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Will there actually be melee?

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ojanre Author

Yep. That's a planned feature. For now I wanted to make sure the musket combat was functional and working - this is about two weeks worth of work.

Bayonet combat will be there in the final product though, yes. :)

Before I can handle bayonet combat, though, I have to address the rank and file system. Before I can address that, I have to address the selection process, dress rank feature, and regiment individuality.

Once that's all done, then I can do melee combat. :D

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Hello all!

I have finally gotten around to uploading a video I am slightly pleased with presenting. It demonstrates a lot of the basic functions of the game, as well as shows off the very stupid (but functional!) AI.

While the Dev Diary will go into more details, I can safely say that I've accomplished about 80% of what I expected to by this time since last week. Smooth movement is not in (not the end of the world) and a few other things haven't been fleshed out, but the overall function is there.

I hope you folks like the improvements. Over the next few days, I will be working on improving quality on current animations and working on functional tilesets, as well as different regiments to choose from amongst the british and french. :)

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