What's there:
world brushes and brush entities
all the textures with proper scaling and quality
3d sky!
reflective water
Can probably do decals, overlays and sounds, it just wasn't the point.

What's not there:
Some textures may be misaligned, this is a decompiler issue.

I did some basic replacements so maps won't require much effort to compile. Maps and textures are given with XashXT toolkit and Xash3D engine to avoid any hardship of Goldsource.

Use QuArK or Jackhammer or w/e to convert vmf to jmf or map.

I strongly advise Uncle Mike's P2ST compiler which I also include. Useful keys to put into map properties:

zhlt_maxextent 128 to increase fps and decrease compile times

zhlt_texturestep X to control lightmap quality

How to retain original HL2 colors:

p2rad.exe -dscale 1 -gamma 2.2
map compilers go to Half-Life folder!


zhlt_worldluxels 0 1 2 to fix uneven lightmap on small details, or to fix seams

zhlt_nocsg 0 1 (entire map or func_group) brushes don't cut each other

XashXT supports overbright (see parameter in glsl\const.h) and external textures: materials\texture.tga

Run xash wih -help to generate help file.

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DUSTMod Demo Release


Worked on my first Source Mod the last Months...
Glad to release the demo today... Should be fun to play...

Dont know right now if there will be more levels because my hammer and files are broke during edting the filestructure. Hope to fix it.

Any similarities to the other "Dust" Half Life 2 mod are random.
Doesnt know that an other mod exists.

Would be nice indeed... I`l see what i can do

DUST ModDUSTMod Demo Release






Willgames' Choreography Source Engine Tutorial

Willgames' Choreography Source Engine Tutorial

Voice Acting Tutorial 1 comment

This tutorial covers the use of this tool and will help you get your foot up in creating in game dialogue, real time cut scenes, and awesome set pieces...

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Half-Life 2: Not Classic

Half-Life 2: Not Classic

Demo 4 comments

This file contains hl2 wads and "hl2: update" map sources, texture names in wads and in map sources were edited to match each other.


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That's a joke lads
-TF2 Demoman

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