- You know that this will arrive sooner or later. Since I met you I’ve seen you practising every night. Thanks for give us the chance to survive.
- Run!
- Don’t tell me twice. Goodbye!

What's Myrkvi?

The most ancient meaning of the word is Darkness. In the game we find ourselves in a place that is recovering itself from centuries of darkness. There, two powerful races fight for the land control. Cities and villages are devastated by war. Meanwhile, in the background, some mercenaries fight against any side for their own benefit.

The player will use the mercenaries’ team through a series of missions as in the classic games, and then he/she will discover the present, past and future in each map.

The turn strategy introduce a unique challenge within an especially precise designed settings. Both design and story are smartly joined to attract the player since the very first moment.

What kind of game is it?

We renew the classical rol-game, based on dice rolling, trying to keep the purest style with millimetrical and precise designed figures and board.

Dice, really?

The cornerstone of the classical rol-games was gambling. Gambling could turn the perfect round in the biggest nightmare.

Turn strategy?

The victory depend on the decision taken during the battle and on the tactiques used before the opponent's turn.

Why don't play with one of the main races?

Being able to use a unique team of mercenaries, with a perfect mix of races, will allow the player to discover his or her possibilities, as well as the story around them.

Can you tell us something more?

The video game is now in the first producction phase. We are preparing a Kickstarter to be launched in some months. We are publishing more information in our Twitter account.Twitter.com

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Greenlight and Kickstarter


We are going to start the countdown. Our project is getting its finishing touches to offer as much information as possible, as well as a lot of rewards and surprises. If you want more just get in and discover it Steamcommunity.com ;)

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