Mush. A cruel fungus which uses its host as cattle. Wiping out everything on its journey... Extinguishing passion, emotion and desire and everything that makes a sentient being nothing but a mindless zombie. All it desires is the expansion of its organism. The FDS reign from on high over humanity, orchestrating political battles, wars, conflicts which keep the people on the edge, from the shadows. However, one day, they get played at their own game, Mush infected them, and by then it was too late... Those who knew that the Mush was devouring humanity from within. Jin Su 's team is presented with a fait accompli and teams up with the rebels. They put the Daedalus project in motion, a much smaller project than the Magellan project, A fragile, twitchy spaceship whose mission was to transport humanity's last hopes to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, far away from the glacial reaches of Mush. History is being created. What are you going to do about it?

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Great game, lots of fun!

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