Mummy’s Day Massacre is a 2-4 player couch co-op/competitive tomb raiding game for all ages. But watch out! Classic monsters stalk the halls! The game uses light humour as the players navigate the levels, dodge dangerous traps, employ magical powerups and flee fearsome foes! There are game modes planned for teamwork, as well as competitive play. The game project began as an entry into the Ludum Dare 72-hour gamejam, with the theme of ‘Ancient Technology’, and is inspired by Overcooked and Tomb Raider. It’s been in constant development since completion for the jam. Follow this blog at the bottom of the page to stay in contact, or check us out on Facebook.

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Mummy's Day Massacre is on Kickstarter!

Please support us here!

We are thankful to the whole community and everyone who has supported us so far to make this dream a reality. Today we are one step closer to making it happen.

Our playable demo is available, and as always, has major updates since the previous version. You can play it on indiedb or here:

We have so much planned for this game and want to make it a fun, accessible experience for everyone. If you can spare it, please support us on Kickstarter. For more information visit us there, or check out our Crowdfunding page.

If there’s anything you would like to discuss, please do so on our Facebook page, or visit our contact page to find out our Twitters.

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Mummy's Day Massacre - Kickstarter Demo

Mummy's Day Massacre - Kickstarter Demo


Mummy's Day Massacre is 2-4 player couch co-op/competitive game for all ages. The game uses light humour as the players navigate the levels, dodge dangerous...

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