Multiplayer minigolf game built with Unity 3D engine. Our aim is to make the best and highest quality multiplayer minigolf game the world has ever seen. Blending realism and fantasy, with some courses more grounded in reality, with others being just a bit of fun. We aim to make the experience somewhat exploratory, hiding easter eggs on courses that may not be noticed on your first time around the course.

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Multi player mini golf made with Unity3D. Looking for collaborators to take from Alpha to completion.

Forest scene

Prototype mars scene

The game is multi player, and we aim to have large games, perhaps as much as 16 players per server. Realistic physics and graphics. The holes for courses can be very innovative, think marble madness, super monkey ball style multi player gameplay. Each course has a unique theme, with course mechanics that relate. For example our forest map has a hole with a water wheel which scoops up the ball. A scifi style map could have teleporters.

There are further plans such as unlockable hats for your ball, which with enough contributors can be completed with ease.

We have one working 18 hole golf course. However background props like rocks, plants etc. are all placeholders from Unity asset store. These need replacing, as well as new scenes designing for more courses, including innovative and puzzling holes for the scene.

Current team

Myself, Mr Owl, a self taught programmer currently in the 2nd year of a computer science degree. I write code.

Mr Ron, a musician, 2d artist, animation. He made the awesome music for this, as well as our new logo and title screen (prototype seen in video at top).

Mr Son, did the 3D models.

We would like to hear from people with any skills relating to game design and development to help bring this alpha to working version. We most need content / asset creators, but a good programmer familiar with unity networking would also be great. We have an informal agreement in place to share profits according to quantity and quality of your contribution. This will be formalised in future.

My part

I am a self taught programmer, currently in the 2nd year of a computer science degree. Over the summer I have been prototyping games in order to learn unity. After a few aborted ambitious prototypes I settled on a simple and more realistic project, multi player mini golf. As of typing this the prototype is working multi player across the network, it is relatively bug free, with just network scoreboard / player systems the only major base code yet to be completed. I have written all of the code up till now, and also fulfilling any other role outside of 3D modelling and 2D art. However I am primarily a programmer, so I'm happy to relinquish any of these other roles.

(Expected) Revenue

Plan to start a greenlight, and investigate other retail methods, when project is closer to marketable version. There is a distinct lack of stand alone multi player mini golf games that are fun and innovative. This could be marketable to the puzzle, casual multi player market and would carry a low end user price. Ports to mobile or console would be easy due to using Unity3D engine, and would similarly carry a low price.

Risks & challenges

ALL projects carry risk and unforeseen problems are certain to arise. I plan to negate some of this risk by applying software engineering principles and development processes. With a full team something close to the SCRUM technique will be used, which is an agile development process involving regular virtual meetings via google hangout.

18 hole Alpine course completed.

18 hole Alpine course completed.


We have completed the course, with 18 holes and an Alpine / Woods theme.

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Prototype Mini Golf 4P Online v.02b

Prototype Mini Golf 4P Online v.02b


Multiplayer 3D Mini Golf in Unity3D. Recommend Hamachi, however if the port is open it should work. Launch twice, one as host and other as client. On...

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