Did you know that if you match at least two cute square shaped beings by color then you get at least two fields with grass and flowers in the same color. No!? Now you know.

Move 'n' Bloom is a simple but also challenging puzzle game about moving, pushing and matching colors.

Key Features

  • Over sixty handcrafted puzzles
  • Non-linear world map
  • Match mechanic based on whole 3 colors
  • Moving, pushing, combining, cloning, sticking and of course matching!
  • Very handy scrolls of incomplete knowledge

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Move 'n' Bloom is out now!


It's cute, colorful and simple but also deceptively challenging!
Move 'n' Bloom combines a variety of match and Sokoban mechanics in a new and fresh way.

Move 'n' Bloom has one single play mode with the goal of each puzzle to bloom flowers without leaving playable figures behind. Each puzzle consists of a grid based game field with playable figures and other game objects. By combining more than one figure of the same color will transform them into flowers. The catch of this simple setup is that all figures have to move at the same time one step in the given direction, therefore all movements should be considered carefully.

Sounds good!? Check it out now and enjoy playing!

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Move 'n' Bloom - Demo

Move 'n' Bloom - Demo


A simple but also challenging puzzle game about moving, pushing and matching colors.

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