A game single-player 3D action RPG with the old school style of the genre, retro graphics and a lot of action. Create your hero and follow your destiny through the evolution of your attributes, abilities, spells and weapons. Embark on this epic adventure and bring peace again to Arhaaty

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Dasaki says

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Game has potential, one of the biggest problems is the grammar of the dialogue, and text. Second biggest problem is the awkward key and mouse bindings.

The game is deceptively set in a futuristic universe, in which clans of people are stuck in their respective home towns on a planet ravaged by some evil queen, Valkyrie. Magic and Science, given to these beings by an alien race, allows people who are killed to return to the magical stone set in their hometown, protected by a field of magic that no evil can enter.

Way to make respawning a story element, haha.

If the creator could fix all the problems listed above, this could make for a very decent game, even with the late graphics system.


Bichos says

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Good game...


I see this game coming along real nice if you could just fix the key board and mouse bindings make them more like WoW or Everquest D3 TorchLight it would help this game out big time I love the old school look with a little zip behind it should make it easy for this game to have loads of diffrent mobs weapons spells and armors p.s. 1 month is along time to go with out an update :(


tylerb says

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Great work!


Enjoyed the game, considering this is in the early stages (note runtime errors on a early beta / alpha are not out fo the ordinary if you buy into alpha or beta then remember this and don't go giving a 1/10 review that is just childish.)

The control system cna be a touch annoying although i am sure in the future this will be worked on, the gfx while not modern per say are fine, the games monsters don't seem out of place the themese for different areas work well in a artistic sense and the ambience is good also.

Overall i gave it a 9 / 10 reason being is the dev behind this is doing a kick butt job on his own and he deserves the extra points based on that.

The game i currently would give 7/10 but the extra 2 points are for the deva nd his attention to his community well done look frward to more updates.


runtime errors I shouldn't have to fix to play


Spartamo says

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