Living on the moon is a hard job, but somebody has to do it! Explore the moon while mining for resources, forging materials and tools, and building lunar outposts and vehicles. You will meet many other people on the moon and build colonies from the ground up. Be careful though, they might not all be friendly. The game features large randomly generated environments which can be manipulated by the players in every way.

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Love the low gravity, and the atmosphere of building on the moon. The flashlight was a nice touch for underground construction.However the draw distances need tweaking (not sure if thats the correct technical term) as the frame rate, with or without post processing is absolutely crippling! I have a decent PC that can run most new games on max; It was fine a few days ago but now that the server is chalk full of structures its almost impossible to navigate narrow ledges and jump to add blocks to a structure in a specific place because of the poor frame rate.

Fun game, it has a lot of potential!


Ok loving it needs some more work but good work!

I think it has lots of potential and also taking into count that it's free!
Only problem seems to be connecting just at the moment. Hope going to be fixed soon!


This does not work.


Google Infiniminer before you call this a Minecraft clone.

You can only add and remove gray blocks, thats it, I am missing things like enemies and crafting and a bit more feathers.


This game looks cool. Better than minecraft.


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