In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called Runners transport sensitive data away from prying eyes. In this seemingly utopian paradise, a crime has been committed, your sister has been framed and now you are being hunted. You are a Runner called Faith — and this innovative first-person action-adventure is your story.

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We all want something innovative and new... its what breathes life into a otherwise soulless, copy-pasta vacume of video games. Sure a game can be beautiful with modern day hardware and a good engine, but what counts is the gameplay/story/characters and what creativity lies in it.

Innovative games should be the norm, but after the past few years are becoming the exception to the rule instead of the other way round.
Because of this, a innovative game, even if it doesn't work most true gamers will at least give the game credit for trying. This was true with Mirror's Edge. It may have missed the mark but it was different enough to warrant mention by just about everyone I know that played it.

Even Yahtzee (on the escapist) gave it a bit of honorable mention for just trying, and I honestly felt the same.

Its got style which gave it a vibrant, clean, futuristic look, parkour in first person, with some martial arts to disarm commando's and fire a gun for a little bit till it runs out of ammo which is only necessary in a few situations.
Its almost a parkour wet dream to see it in such a idealistic way in a video game, its also one of the few games where you can run along roof tops that tower over the urban landscape and be able to fall to your death and see it all before those last few seconds...

All it needed was to be longer and cause it probably won't get a expansion, a sequel is the next best thing.


A very good game. Just too short. Should been longer.

My favorite game with the Battlefield Series and Minecraft ! The game is a First Person Platformer, they dare to make a first person platformer, and it was a very good idea, the evidence in the classification and rating of video games site! The graphics were really not bad for a game in 2009! I wait the "reboot" Mirror's Edge with great anticipation! : D


One of my favorite games ever. Thank you DICE.

From the (good) original concept, great gameplay, tight controls, good characters, and fantastic music, I can easily say this game is one of my personal favorites. The only reason I don't give it a even higher rating is because it is too short. (It's only about 3 hours in length.)


Fun and addicting gameplay. I approve.

With Mirror's edge DICE have come up with a unique and interesting new way to play out the standard platform medium.
This is a FPP (First Person Platformer), seen through the eyes of Faith a runner this game takes on the growing popularity of parkour and free-running and gives it an inventive and insightful plot.
The visual style is an element to itself in Mirror's edge, all though we are told the city is rotten and corrupt it gleams and sparkles with all the false pretence we have come to understand from corporate take over. Almost every surface shines and flares which is a visual treat even at high speed.
The first person view is one we normally equate with shooters and is used to give an empathetic and visceral view of the game world we are presented with. This works brilliantly with the premise of Mirror's edge, the key here is to fight as little as possible but to run as hard as you can. In some places the lack of personal perspective can be off-putting, in the real world you could feel when your feet reach the edge of a thirty storey drop as opposed to having to look down which you need to do fairly consistently throughout the game.
The red highlighted trail means that the game pushes you to always be thinking one step ahead, one foot in front of your pursuers; and once in a free flowing run the game feels seamless and fluid in all the right ways.
The attention to detail in physicality is also superb, vertigo and blurred vision occur from looking down or catching the edge of a long jump really do add to the feel of being in control of Faith's physical prowess.
The story is engaging if a little short, taking you through betrayal, solidarity and revelation.
All in all Mirror's edge provides a new view on a common and loved gaming tradition in which you should suspend your disbelief and revel in the experience and glorious landscape of the runner.


Awesome game with nice graphics and great performance! Everything loads quickly and its a nice time killer.

Very unique game for 2008.


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A very good game. Just too short. Should been longer.

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