Minecraft is a first-person fighter/sandbox construction game created by Mojang AB.

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F**king brilliant game, Very addicting, graphics arent good but it makes the game look more awesome than it already is, i would play on this 24/7 if i could and to all the haters that have never played Minecraft, **** YOU cus Minecraft is without a shadow of a doubt THE best game ever since Half-Life...and by the way, ALL HAIL THE CREEPER!!!! ALSO ALL HAIL THE PIGS!!!! AND ALSO ALL HAIL THE SHEEP!!!!...oh and the Skeletons and Zombies and Spiders and Slimes, carnt forget them, sorry cow and chicken, but you guys have no purporse other than to make not very good armour and to make arrows...but you can get feathers from zombies anyway so...sorry other farm animals...anyway, i would give it 999,0000,000,00/10 but in this case, 10/10! :D

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Minecraft is a small building game that looks like it will be very boring at first glance. You look, and you see blocks, you see animals and you see people building dirt houses. Without knowing the mechanics, it cannot be understood. However, once you play, you can suddenly see why people enjoy the game. Minecraft is portrayed as a building game. You put blocks down and build things, which is reflected in the only easily accessible free version. Minecraft is NOT simply a block building game. It…

Nov 4 2010 by Kizzycocoa