Might and Magic 6 may look bad in todays standards, however what lies underneath its dated engine is a complex storyline outclassed only by the depth of its class, skill system, non-linear plot and critically acclaimed musical score. Might and Magic VI allows the player full roam over the terrain, as opposed to the grid-based maps of the previous titles. Battles can be conducted either in real time or in a turn-based mode, where the player can take time determining what enemies to attack or what spells to cast. However, the player's movement is severely limited in turn-based mode. As in the rest of the series, all action is shown through the eyes of the party. The characters improve in ability using a mix of class-based and skill-based systems. Upon party creation, the player chooses classes for each character, which determines their abilities. As characters gain experience and advance in levels, they accrue skill points which make them more powerful in their fields of expertise....

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My favorite game ever, I watched my dad play it when I was younger and when I played it, about 10 years out of date the game was but I loved it. Playing it brings back some memories of me and my brother watching my dad go through a few dungeons with his powerful characters

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