Men of War: Vietnam is a new game in the critically acclaimed series. Two new, story-driven campaigns let you taste the explosive mix of the jungle, Hueys and rock-n-roll in early 1968.

elitersoldier says

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This is a great strategy game. You have to micromanage your soldiers and vehicles carefully. You can personalize every soldier by changing his inventory. There are many well designed single player missions that portray a good story line. However, sometimes, this game requires too much micromanagement. You have to redo the inventory of soldier to make sure there are enough ammo. An automatic ammo refill system will be much better.

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What i like:
it is a challenge like every MoW game

What i don't like:
only coop
the AI is still idiot

Summary:It could be better.Thanks god i didn't purchased it.

Sep 24 2011 by Wladimir