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Post tutorial Report RSS Vehicle Model Porting Tutorial (Basic)

After character model porting tutorial, now its time to move towards vehicle porting, as this tutorial will provide basic insight to have main functions of vehicle model porting to MOW with all necessary requirements for an entity to be functional in game.

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Combined Pack of All Required Tools and Samples - Google Drive

Combined Pack of All Required Tools and Samples - Dropbox

Official Multi Script Link

Official XNALara XPS Link

From 3d Max to MOW Export Plug in - Official

Tutorial PDF - Google Drive

Tutorial PDF - Dropbox

-First and foremost you have to install Plug-in in 3d Max for exporting entity to MOW, then run 3d Max as Administrator and have to install Multi Script which is basic requirement for vehicle porting.

Step One:

- Well most of models are available at XPS formate or Mesh formate which is not supported by 3d Max yet and only .OBJ and .MAX formates are supported by 3d Max, so to convert such models to .OBJ you have to convert them through XNALara XPS then import them to 3d Max

1st - Step

Step Two:

- Most of Objects are combined as one single mesh and to part them according to our requirements you have to following following procedure of detachment of mesh from object.

- For that purpose I highly following two methods of selection and detachment

1st - "Element" = for selecting easy visible object most likely wheels, engines etc

2nd - "Polygon" = for selecting objects whom hardly visible, like wires, door locks etc

2nd - Step

Step Three:

- Run Multi Script provide ID and Names to Objects

3rd - Step

Step Four:

- Place Pointers by following method, where as far as pointer properties concern, so consider them as trigger point or place of action

- Like Emit = Boarding Animation trigger

- Foresight = place or point in gun from where bullet or shell will fire

- Driver = placement of driver

- They also further use in entity properties in game to configure entity

4th - Step

Step Five:

- Primitive Objects are used as volume or Hit Point on entity.

- Like by following example you have to place those primitive object over different part which consider to hit point in game of those objects

5th - Step

Step Six:

- For animation hide all Primitive Objects and Pointers

- Use Time Configuration (small Icon at right side of Key Filter)

- To increase or decrease maximum frame range

- Most of animations can be between 40 frames so select maximum frames according to your requirement

- Apply default placement of object as default animation by clicking on KEY ICON while all object are selected in selection

- does above step at 0 then at 40 then at 80 and so on to create intervals

- now give first animation by going at frame 20 or any middle frame between intervals and select only those object whom you want to apply animation

- Click on AUTO KEY and ROTATE or MOVE selected object to give them animation

- Play animation to check object response

6th - Step

Step Seven:

- Now create Basis which contain animation data and which is collective combination of all objects

- Follow following step

- Review animation structure as follows:

Example: Animation: Start, Body, 0-40

- in that " Start " is game function for entity to move and " Body " is just name of Animation set, it is NOT a Body as Object. As you can see in pictures, you can change body name to Michal101, JameBond, Zoo etc but you also have to rename animation set

- Animation Set = Set of object on which animation will play on, for example at time of animation you applied animation on engine and fuel, but you only added engine in animation set, so in game, animation will only play to engine not to fuel

- Now by above step and below pictures create animation set

7th - Step

Step Eight:

- Making schematic is simple, you have to consider real life values, like Steer > Pivot > Wheel , if you placed Wheel over Pivot then Pivot will start rolling with wheel

- Rest must be placed like that, where I will explain placing of guns in next tutorial

8th - Step

Step Nine:

- Now Export it to game directory (Ignore VOLUME related error at time of export, if there is some other error then you have to review steps), while you noticed that Entity file only contain Volumes information (as you can see in pictures), so you have to set it up entirely at your own by follow following entity setup explanation after final step.

Final Step

Entity Setup:

- Open following file from tutorial files to have understanding of entity setup

- Tutorial with Sample and 3d Max Script for MOW.rar > Vehicle Porting Tutorial > resource > entity > -vehicle > fallout_bike > fallout_bike.def

(include "/properties/moto.ext")
(include "/properties/selection/" scale(0.7))
{props "explosion_throw_crew" "turn_over" "vision_vehicle_high"}
{patherId "moto"}

Explanation: Moto.ext = properties for motorcycle entity specifically, thats why we placed moto as extension, for cars we have to give it extension of car.ext, Selection is simply the selector over entity

Props are basic argument like explosion can throw crew from bike etc, can also apply similar props other than what are here (but they must be compatible with entity)

{patherId "moto"} = path ID from where or where not this entity can go, there are different pather Id which change vehicle path patten


{Visor "main"

{vision "vehicle_main"}

{bone "visor"} }

{visor "view-around"

{vision "moto_around"}

{bone "basis"}



Explanation: Now if you remind back we placed VISOR at driver seat, that POINTER will now going to placed by that argument, so does other pointers got connected in game by that way, thats why I highly recommend to take screen shot of SCHEMATIC at the time of entity setup.

Special Notes:

-After completion of your ENTITY, You must have to manually REPLACE "Poly" command line with "CommonMesh" in each object PROPERTIES > USER DEFINED or else 3d Max MODIFIERS will not effect on ANIMATIONS or VERTEX based animations will not play upon entity.

-You also have to make sure that all objects whom you want to play vertex based animation with CommonMesh argument, must have ID or else animation wont play upon them, for example if you want to have vertex based animation on Machine Gun, then you have to give it id in PROPERTIES > USER DEFINED as ID=mgun along with CommonMesh argument.

-Follow quick fix for wrong placement of OBJECTS, as pivots are actually the pointers which decide the center and DIRECTION of entity (e.g. if your placed GUN shots from backside instead of front and your placed WHEELS move in wrong direction then its due to PIVOT ROTATION and DIRECTION), for example if you place that pivot outside of wheel, then your wheel will be move in that wrong direction. So to fix TURRET, WHEEL, HATCH and similar entities radius and animation, adjust PIVOT ROTATION and PLACEMENT:

Quick fix 3d Max

Please comment and share this tutorial while all credit goes to Bethesda Softworks and KONAMI for sample models.

Continue: Vehicle Model Porting Tutorial (Advance)

Also Try following tutorial in regards of vehicle STRUCTURE creation:


When working with MultiScripts have you found any errors?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
GameJoJo Author

Most of errors which appear is because of my own fault (like broken link etc.), as far as script error concern, it wont perform commanded action sometime but can be fixed by reseting scene.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Please if you find bugs write me a PM or

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GameJoJo Author

For sure, as the better it gets, the faster we could able to port assets to MOW.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Can you please explain how to port vehicle structure to game?

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GameJoJo Author

Here check that K9 Attack Dog mod files (, you just have to create structure file according to video tutorial and then simple place in designated folder (resource\interface\scene\structure\Entity Name), it will pick from there according to the unique name of that entity.

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Thanks for this JoJo, have had a fair amount ask how to do this and don't have enough time to type the whole nine yards and the oldest thing is Cromtech[unsure if I'm saying his name right]

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GameJoJo Author

Not just that, that old tutorial is kind obsolete now, as with help of new tools and script you can make better entities, I also found some new ways to give dynamic animation to objects in easy way, like skin over vehicles which was not define before and I never seen in old mods at all, soon will release more models from my upcoming mod to have better example of new techniques.

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Author of the post, I will write Your tutorial in the script! in 3.1 it will be!

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