In MekArcade you get to pilot a giant war machine in the 35th century, and experience all the explosive, multi-pilot, online meka actions you can ever want. The xciting news for 2014 is we have teamed up with TheIntercooler games, making a much stronger team and one more able to render for you the best meka action in the Galaxy. We look forward to joining you in battle in the seconf half of 2015.

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MekArcade is going to be released with a full dynamic lighting system

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Sometimes I feel as if we are moving with glacial speed towards a release. But big things are happening.

Our major delay is beacuse we are currently implementing a full dynamic lighting system (from Tesserect). At the moment the Cube2 engine only does players and NPC with dyanamic lights. If Tesserect works as planned then you will have moving shadows from animated trees, shadows of falling buildings will fall etc. It should give a big leap in the eye candy aspects. I sort of hope MekArcade will become a showcase for Tesseract.

In other news, we have a new Mek, known as Mek #6. I'm pretty happy with this one, except perhaps the name. I've posted an image in the gallery.

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